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Planting Trees with Rooted Tree

We are currently in a time of great shifts in environmental awareness and activism.

As someone who cares deeply for our planet, and feels a need to contribute, I've been very unsure of how to be active in environmental care, beyond limiting my carbon footprint. With the busy lives we have, it can feel like a big challenge.

So why not take some time for you, and the planet?

When you're taking care of yourself, you're giving yourself the space, time, and energy needed to bring your best into the world. And that, in itself, is brighter; greener!

This belief that taking care of yourself is fundamental in taking care of the world around you has led Rooted Tree to partner with TreeCanada, to help with Reforestation and Afforestation efforts in Canada.

Now, when you attend a class at Rooted Tree, a portion (5%) of your purchase goes towards planting trees in Canada!

We will announce at the end of each class schedule how many trees you've helped plant.

Together we can grow some roots. Together we can have a greener future.

with love,


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