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  • What kind of guidelines are you following?
    - Please reschedule appointments when there is any of the following, for you, or anyone you've been in contact with: Cold for flu symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, and negative tests. Current Isolation requirements, regardless of vaccination status, and negative tests. - Masks are no longer mandatory in the studio. Complimentary masks are available if you prefer. Both client and practitioner reserve the right to ask the other to wear a mask during treatment. - Where possible, fill out our intake forms and waivers online. - Maintain six feet between all others in the stairwell, giving those leaving the studio right of way. Physical distancing will be observed when not in treatment. - Please use our complimentary hand sanitizer when you enter the space. - Proper hand hygiene is practiced at all times for clients and practitioners. - All rooms are equipped with hand sanitizer. - Each room and any items used during treatment are fully disinfected after each appointment.
  • How can I book an appointment?
    One of 4 ways! 1. Book online: 2. Call: +1-867-334-8599 3. Email: For options 2 & 3, let us know the service you're looking for, preferred times, your name and number, and we'll find the perfect spot for you!
  • How do I purchase a Gift Certificate?
    Rooted Tree offers paper-free Gift Certificates! These are purchased on your profile with us. Now available online: Or you can contact us by phone or email: +1(867) 334-8599 | Please note that Gift Certificate are only applicable with those available in our booking software:
  • When are you open?
    There are practitioners in the studio seven days a week. We are open by appointment only. While someone is likely inside, the door is often closed and locked as we're in private services and running group classes. If you need to come by in person, please call (867) 334-8599 or email us Once we've connected, we can set up a time to meet.
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
    Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A cancellation less than 24 hours before hand, or a missed visit leaves a hole in the therapists' day that could have been filled by another patient. As such, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Patients who provide less than 24 hours notice, or miss their appointment, will be charged a cancellation fee. Due to the high volume of cancellations during COVID, we have instituted a minimum $21.00 late cancellation fee.* Practitioners reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the service for late cancellations. If no notice, or less than three hours notice is given, you may be subject to up to 100% of the missed appointment. *This was instituted not only because of the volume of cancellations, but because in the majority of instances, earlier notification had been possible.
  • Is your studio scent-free?
    While we endeavour to keep scents to a minimum, our esthetics businesses have some lightly scented products in use. Essential oils are used upon request during some treatments. We request that patrons consider non-scented alternatives to keep the space as comfortable for others at all times. If you are particularly sensitive, please reach out so we can provide details and prepare for your appointment.
  • Can I bring my baby to the studio?
    With the possibility that other patrons may be effected by noises or smells, we must humbly request that prior arrangements be made for babies and young children while you enjoy your time with us. If arrangements fall through, please call ahead and let us know. This gives us the time to come up with the best course of action for the situation.
  • Do you offer direct billing?
    Not currently. Individual practitioners may sign up for direct billing services in the future. At the moment, all services will provide a receipt with your practitioner's registration number included, as well as all pertinent information from your treatment. Receipts for services eligible under your insurance can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.
  • **READ ME**
    Your massage is for you. That means that your massage professional is doing everything they can to ensure the best experience for you, and welcomes any requests for different pressures, more work in one area or another, extra blankets, less light, even a change in music. Feel free to make requests the first way that it comes to your head - it's better to say it rather than finding a way to be polite. You will not hurt our feelings. You can also change your requests. What made sense in your last treatment may not make sense for this one.
  • Are you Registered?
    Registered practitioners are titled **Registered Massage Therapists**, or **RMTs**. We also may have on staff wonderful massage and bodywork as **Bodywork**, or **Student Massage Therapy**. These are not reimbursable, and in a separate category to avoid confusion. They will also clearly state in the title that a benefits receipt will not be provided. If you need a receipt for reimbursement, book your appointment with our Registered Massage Therapists under the category **Registered Massage Therapy: Accepting New Clients** in our online booking.
  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    We require you to fill out a health history form. You also have the option to fill out the online form, before your appointment at your leisure. Your massage professional will ask general questions about what you'd like worked on and conditions that need to be addressed, and determine if massage is appropriate. Your professional may perform assessments and tests to learn more about how massage can be helpful. It is important to list any and all health concerns and allergies so the therapist can give you the best treatment possible without causing any harm.
  • Do I have to remove all my clothing for massage?
    No. Your comfort is of the utmost importance, so how much clothing you choose to remove (if any) is up to you. Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers are trained in the art of draping: when we are working, the only part of the body that is exposed is the part we are working on. The rest of you is covered in warm sheets and blankets, so you can feel secure and cozy the whole time. There are also some massage styles, notably Thai and Shiatsu, which require the client to be fully clothed in articles that allow for stretching and movement (sweatpants, or yoga gear).
  • Should massage hurt?
    The depth of the massage may affect whether or not you "hurt", but even Deep Tissue Massage should stay within a range you could describe as "feel-good pain". Pain that doesn't feel productive or satisfying can indicate an injured or sensitive area where the pressure of the massage should be adjusted. Pain can cause the body to tighten, and negate the positive progress of massage. The most effective massages, deep or not, work with the body's natural response, not against it.
  • Am I expected to talk during the massage?
    Please let us know at the beginning of the treatment if you're hoping to keep talking to a minimum. We may require more information regarding health findings during the treatment, but otherwise we can hold a space of quiet for you. While there's no obligation to talk, if you'd like to, feel free, and if you are uncomfortable in any way, please let us know immediately. Whatever will help you relax and enjoy the experience!
  • How often should I receive massage?
    This is something you and your massage therapist can decide together, based on your unique needs.
  • What program do you use for virtual classes?
    We use Zoom. This program is free for you to use and allows for multi-person video calls. We encourage you to download the app before-hand to ensure you're able to use smoothly.
  • Do I have to have my camera on?
    No! Many people choose, for one reason or another, to leave their camera off. However it's good practice to tell your teacher to know about any injuries or goals you have, so that they can give you appropriate cues whether or not they can see you.
  • What is a Pass?
    The Passes give you complete access to all of our online yoga for a set of consecutive days.
  • Do I have to purchase the pass to sign up for virtual yoga?
    No! The classes are all available for drop in.
  • How much does the pass cost & how do I purchase it?
    We currently offer 3 passes (1, 2, and 4 week passes), which you can compare here OR you can either send an e-transfer to, OR Have us call you to take credit card over the phone.
  • How do I sign up for classes?
    You can sign up for classes right on the website, OR You can send us a list of the classes you'd like to attend via email @, and we'll sign you up on our end.
  • When do you send the link for the class on Zoom?
    Zoom links will be sent to you immediately after you're signed up for the class. The link will also be available on our website if you are signed in.
  • What if my internet connection is bad?
    A poor internet connection can sometimes diminish the positive benefits of attending a live online yoga class. If this is the case for you, let us know immediately and we can refund you.
  • Are you interested in my input?
    Absolutely! Please contact us @ / (867) 334-8599 and let us know how we can serve you better.
  • Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?
    Nope! Maybe a little mentally flexible, but physical flexibility isn't necessary. Can't touch your toes? Try bending your knees! We're not looking for end-points, or instagram poses anyway. We're looking to help you feel really good, optimize your movement, and heal.
  • Sometimes yoga poses/movements are uncomfortable for me. What should I do?
    You are under no obligation to put yourself in uncomfortable or painful positions. In fact, we believe that any movements you choose should feel good! Staying in your comfort zone is awesome, even if you feel like you're not "doing" anything. Your comfort zone will expand when you feel safe. When you listen and respond to its signals, you create a powerful and supportive connection with your body, and this is where healing happens! If you are worried about something before-hand, during, or after class, check in with your guide. There are tons of options in yoga, and we might just have the perfect alternative for you. If you didn't feel comfortable telling your guide about something that wasn't working for you, you are always free to let us know later. We can identify some options, either in class, or as a studio, that suit your needs. Yoga is a healing practice, and that means honouring your experience and supporting you.
  • Where can I sign up for Private Yoga Sessions?
    You can click the "book now" button to book a session online. You can also call, text (867) 334-8599, or email us to find the perfect spot.
  • I haven't done a yoga class before. Can I come to a class?
    It's always good to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. If you are in good health, absolutely! Let your guide know that you are new, and about anything you are nervous about. Yoga is not as intimidating as we are sometimes led to believe. It's about feeling good and creating a relationship with your body. If you are recovering from an injury, a private yoga session or two before you join a public class can help you make the most of the practice, gain confidence, and learn about different ways to keep yourself safe and happy during yoga!
  • I'm pregnant, can I still come to yoga?"
    We encourage you to contact us if you're starting a yoga practice while pregnant, with any questions and to double-check that your class of interest makes sense at this time. If you are already attending a class, please let your teacher know if you are expecting.
  • I can't make it to all the sessions in a registered series. Do I have to pay full price?
    Often, no! Registration for classes helps us gauge if there's enough interest for classes to go forward. If you're committing to register for a series of classes, but know you'll miss a certain date, just let us know the date, and we'll prorate the class to ensure you're only paying for what you're able to commit to! Some registered classes offer a progression that is less accessable if you miss a class. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated that proration is not an option.
  • What equipment should I bring to a class?
    If you're attending a yoga class, you will need clothes you can move in and be comfortable. We encourage you to bring layers, so you can regulate your temperature as time goes on. The studio is equipped with some mats, but if you have your own you are welcome to bring it!
  • Registered, Workshop, Intensive, Drop-In, What does it all mean?"
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