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Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are currently offered individually or as bundles of three, or five.


We encourage you to consider the bundles; it's best to build habits and have some support as your practice changes and grows.

Single Personal Session
Single Personal Session

$75/ hour

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Bundle of 3 Sessions
Bundle of 3 Sessions


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Bundle of 5 Sessions
Bundle of 5 Sessions


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Private Yoga Guides



Restorative | Hatha | Movement Therapy | AcroYoga | Stråla | Kundalini

As a Massage Therapist, I'm moved to empower my community to find movement that brings joy to their lives and freedom to their bodies.


I have had a personal yoga practice since 2002, and attended my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. Several trainings later, and several more to go, I believe I have something very special to share.

I'd love to share it with you. Whatever walk of life you might be on, I'm excited to help you on your journey. We can throw off the mould - your practice doesn't have to look like anyone else's. It can be delicious, peaceful, and healing. It can be exhilarating and challenging. It can be whatever you want, and need it to be. I want to help you make it yours.

To paraphrase Plato, we all deserve to see the beauty and strength of which our body is capable.

I teach a couple of classes on the schedule, and am available to facilitate groups here at Rooted Tree or at your location. Private one-on-one sessions have a special place in my heart, as I've seen amazing transformation and growth in a space that gives us an increased chance to connect and flourish.

Education highlights:

Kundalini Teacher Training | Semperviva Yoga | March 2020

Stråla Yoga Teacher Training | Stråla Online | August 2019

First Aid/CPR | Yukon College | January 2019

AcroYoga Teacher Training | VanCity Acro |  May 2017

Restorative Teacher Training | Andrea Peloso | November 2017

Kinesiology of Yoga & Therapeutic Yoga Intensive | Functional Synergy | August 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Immersion | Vancouver School of Yoga | June 2012

Styles at Rooted Tree

Yoga Class

Restorative yoga

Facillitated Sleeping Yoga​

Restorative yoga focuses on using props (especially blankets!) to encourage the parasympathetic,"Rest and Digest" processes of the body. The practice helps you redirect your energy from the outside world to the internal processes of healing and nourishment. 

Meditation Class


Strength & Healing

Poses are often held for a few breaths, giving students time to understand their alignment within the pose, find their breath, and build comfort and strength. Hatha can challenge individuals, help develop strength and endurance, and provide a safe space to develop stress management skills.

Pilates Stretches

Movement Therapy

Finding Pure Movement

Comprised of simple movements in different, comfortable positions, ease is encouraged over perfection. Attention to the spine, shoulders, and hips first trains "pure" movement: letting go of holding patterns in the body and stimulating a more balanced movement pattern. This work is very specific to each individual, but the basics are often included in Sheila's scheduled classes.


This is an excellent choice and addition to private yoga sessions.

Pilates Stretches

Acro Yoga

Playing together

Acro Yoga is a dynamic, active form of communal yoga that encourages communication, curiosity, and playfulness. It is at least a 3-person endeavor, with a base, flyer, and spotter to keep everyone safe. Sheila's Acro classes keeps the yoga in the mix, considering breath, connection, exploration, and the continued practice of learned skills. This is available for private sessions, please contact us for more information!


Experiencing More You

Kundalini is a powerful practice that doesn't look a thing like the yoga that graces the supermarket shelves. Meditative actions, mudra, and use of vocalization focus the mind. Actions are repeated at a pace appropriate for you, for 30 seconds to a few minutes. That means that when you're ready, this can become an incredibly aerobic practice!
It has a powerful effect on the endocrine system, improving lymph drainage, hormonal balance, and mood. As Yogi Bhajan says, "The process of growth through Kundalini Yoga is a natural unfolding of your own nature."