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The day is finally here! We get to announce the best news:

We are re-opening (for Massage Therapy & Acupuncture) May 19th!

We are so excited to be back at it, and are gung-ho, even with all the new considerations in regard to COVID-19 going forward. We've outlined the main points below. With your help we can keep our community safe, and get back to what we love.

Waivers & Consents Before your appointment, you will receive an email requesting you to fill out a new waiver, which is specifically to limit any spread of COVID-19 or other illness. This waiver will be required before each appointment. Failure to complete this form beforehand will result in the cancellation of your appointment. We still require a recent intake form, with the same repercussions if the form is not completed. We will send a request to fill these out via email as needed. If you are not able to complete the forms online, we can make a paper form available upon request.

We will be screening patients outside the studio. Please note that if you are experiencing any symptoms, or are a risk of carrying COVID-19, you will be turned away.

Would you please:

Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before appointment, and wait in your car to be invited in. We will perform a screening before heading inside. Please note that if you are on foot we cannot invite you inside until we have time to properly screen you.

Bring minimal personal items into the studio. Shoes must be left in the boot room. If you must bring in any personal items, a small bin will be provided for all items. You will be required to wash your hands immediately upon entry. A handwash station will be available for you.

A viable payment method (credit card we can keep on file) will be required prior to treatment, and if this is not possible, appointment must be prepaid via e-transfer or by credit card over phone. Physical distancing must be observed when not in treatment. Live online yoga will continue as we wait for the barriers to be lifted. As our multi-talented staff gets back to personal health services, we'll continue to offer a slightly smaller schedule, with the intention of making videos you can do at any time.

Thank you so much for your patience and support in this trying time. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

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