Aromatic Therapy

Aromatic therapy uses the essential oils of aromatic plants to enhance your natural healing process.

More than just wonderful to smell, these plants provide powerful support to the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional body.

We'll design one or more personalized essential oil products (lotions, creams, anointing oils, diffuser blends, etc.), and make a plan that best suits your lifestyle, preferences and intentions.

Some examples of aromatherapy plans:

  • a warming massage oil for menstrual cramps

  • a diffuser blend to help signal the transition from work, to relaxation after your workday

  • a roll-on with cooling oils for headache relief, coupled with some lovely self-massage techniques

  • a personal scent bottle for a little lift when needed; could be for anxiety, stress, energy, and more



Initial Assessment (Phone/Online)

After booking your initial assessment, you'll receive an intake form. Please fill this out as soon as possible before your assessment.

This online/phone session gives us direction. It helps us get to know you and your goals.

During the session we'll flesh out what will work best for you, start to build a plan, and then Sheila will get to putting the pieces together!

Follow Up Session (In person)

During your initial assessment, an in-person follow-up session will be arranged.

This is where you'll come to the studio and personally approve the oils for your use. Then you'll be set up with a written overview outlining your personalized Aromatic Therapy plan, including information about the essential oils used, and some essential oil safety information.