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Rooted Tree's Info

407 Black Street Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2N2 (867) 334-8599

Daily Stuff


1. Door to building: when you are in the building, this can be left closed an unlocked. 2. Door to Rooted Tree's leased area (top floor): this door can be propped open in between clients.
If all practitioners are in with clients and you are about to go in with your own, please unprop the upstairs door and make sure it's locked. This minimizes disruptions if someone wanders in. If you have just finished with a client, prop the door open again.


Please ensure shoes are taken off at the front.


Some people are sensitive to scents, unnatural and natural. Scents may also have a negative sense-memory reaction for individuals. For these reasons, Rooted Tree endeavours to keep scents minimal in the space. Please respect the sensitivity of those entering the studio by refraining from using unnatural scents in the studio. With the consent of the client, essential oils during private treatments is not unfavourable.


During service times: A good rule of thumb may be to act as though there is always a service in progress. This ensures there are no unknowingly loud conversations in the space.

If someone is being particularly loud, a great way to handle this is to let them know that there are other services happening. Most of us don't want to disturb someone else who's trying to relax, and if we're informed, we tend to quiet down. There will not often be services and yoga classes taking place. However, when the two overlap, there is no obligation for the class itself to modify its program, though it may inform its students to be mindful before and after. Services performed during classes will use the back door for clients.


For health & safety, washer must be set to “hot”. To keep sound levels low, please have spin setting to “low”. Please do not change setting for sound. The light and noises it makes to signify that it will not make noise are very counter-intuitive! But if no one touches it, then it should always be correct (silent). If you wash a load, please ensure you are there to switch it to the dryer. Please do everything you can to ensure wet laundry is not left overnight. This may mean letting another person in the space know that a load of laundry is in the washer, or not washing a load if you're leaving for the night. Please close the laundry machine doors. This protects the hinges over time.


1. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water, and dishes. 2. Use a capful of bleach and fill the white tub with enough water to completely cover the dishes. 3. After allowing the dishes to soak a few minutes, use a clean white cloth rag (yoga rag) to scrub the dishes, inside and around the rim especially. 4. Place scrubbed dishes in the white tub to soak in bleach solution. And let soak Rinse and place on a clean, dry white cloth rag to air dry. If you are cleaning any other supplies, please wash the dishes first and treat the other supplies as a second load, separate from any food-related supplies.

Obligate Cups, Food

Feel free to bring in dishes for your personal use, so that those available are free for clients. You can keep your personal cups and food in the cabinet above the large sink.


While Rooted Tree doesn't require contractors and renters to do any cleaning, we do ask that you clean up after yourself and consider the other practitioners in the space. In this way, you might choose to sweep or mop your space before you leave. -turn off lights including unplugging the fairy lights in the moonlight room, and the lamps in the waiting area. -Close any open windows. -Sheila will water plants – please do not do so, and if you do, leave a note explaining when and why. -Sheila cleans the bathrooms ever 24 hours. They are cleaned with the bleach solution in the spray bottle under the big sink, and paper towel. -If you were using the Birch room, turn heater down to 16 -Please ensure the areas you've used are ready for the next day. -Ensure all doors are locked; front, back of the leased space, and the front door. If applicable. Ensure the back door is locked as well.

Where Things Are


-Purple (Closest to the front entrance) -Moonlight There is a connecting window between Purple and Moonlight. If you are in the purple room, please make yourself aware of any treatments taking place in Moonlight, and refrain from flipping on the light in Purple if there is a treatment taking place in Moonlight. -Birch

Intake Forms

Yoga Intake forms are in the PINK FOLDER to the right of the computer Massage Intake forms are in the GREEN FOLDER to the right of the computer. Please let Sheila know by email or text if you notice we are getting low. On the forms, there is an option to sign up for emails. If a client circles yes, head to > contact us and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is an option to sign up for emails there, please enter the email on their intake form. Please ensure that everyone has filled out a form for Rooted Tree is they are receiving a service or coming to a class.

Designated Handwash Station

The sink to the left of the large sink in the studio space is the “designated hand-wash station”. This sink is ONLY used for the purpose of washing your hands before or after a private session. Please ensure that no other activity happens in or around this sink.

First Aid Kit

There is a first aid kit directly above the Designated Hand-wash Station.


Small disposable vinyl gloves are located above the Designated Hand-wash Station.

Fire Extinguishers

There are 2 Fire extinguishers inside of either door to the leased space.

Recycling & Garbage

At the back door, behind the leased area, there are two large garbage bags on wire holders. The LEFT is recycling, and the RIGHT is garbage. There is a garbage -to the left of the computer -by the designated hand-wash station -in each treatment room -in each bathroom -in the laundry room

Restocking Supplies

In back bathroom (some under sink) -Toilet Paper -Paper towel for hand drying -Paper towel for cleaning Under designated hand-wash station -Garbage bags (small and large)


Compost is available under the large sink beside the designated handwash station. Please ensure it is CLOSED to minimize smell.


There are thermostats -in the waiting area -the Purple Room -the Moonlight Room. Rooted Tree's lease specifies that the heat in the building must be kept at 20 degrees.

Fans & Ventilation

The studio is equipped with an HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system. It automatically ventilates all rooms except for Birch. The control turns on at a certain percent humidity, and can be turned off manually. Please leave on. The control can be found to the right of the thermostat in the waiting area. Birch has its own fan/space heater that is necessary to meet health standards.

Cleaning supplies

Laundry room: -2 Brooms (push and sweep) -Mop (push) -Swiffer Duster -Laundry Detergent Please let Sheila know by email or text if you notice the laundry detergent getting low. Under large sink: -Vinegar -Bleach -Gloves for dishes and bathrooms (clearly marked) -Bona (floor cleaner for the mop) -White paper towel roll -PH strips -Clorox wipes These were left here – they will not be regularly stocked. If you use these for your regular cleaning, feel free to use what we have, be aware Rooted Tree will not re-stock once they run out. -Back bathroom (under sink) -Toilet bowl cleaner

Computer & Software

Signing on to the computer

Each practitioner and teacher will be set up with their own log-in for the computer. Since most programs used are web programs, this computer acts generally as a portal to the internet. If for whatever reason you aren't able to sign in to the computer, your own devices should work fine.


Name: NWT2935 Password: hushtishbibboe

Spotify & the Speaker

Spotify (a free account) is available for the front lobby during services for ambiance. It's currently set to: Username: Password: code for the alarm twice There is a speaker to the left of the computer. To play music from Spotify/the computer, make sure the speaker is on and set to “AUX”. Trouble shooting: If the music says it's playing, and the speaker is set to AUX, click the bottom right corner of Spotify to ensure that the speaker is playing to that desktop. You can pair the speaker to your phone by Bluetooth – its name is Rooted Tree.

Yoga Software

Class Software: Gettimely ( Email: Password: the code for the alarm twice. Sheila will go over this with you if applicable. If you have any concerns, you can check gettimely's help section, and contact Sheila.

Massage Book

Sell Gift Card

1. Navigate to your Business tab. 2. Select Cash Register. 3. In the space marked Select Client, type in an existing client's name, or select Quick Add to add a brand new client. The client that you enter in this field is the purchaser. 4. Select the Gift Certificate button. 5. Select Generate New to choose one of our pre-set templates, and fill out all of the required fields that will display directly on the Gift Certificate. The purchaser will have the option to email the Gift Certificate or print it. If you select Print Gift Certificate, you will print the Gift Certificate after payment has been accepted. 6. The Gift Certificate will appear in the Cash Register to the left, and you can proceed with payment. Apply any applicable discount then select Continue to Payment. Apply any applicable tip and select the Payment Method. 7. View the receipt and options for emailing the receipt. 8. If you selected to print the Gift Certificate, you can do so from the Receipt page or the Success page.

Book Appointments


You will be invited to use the booking software and set up your own account therein (username & password). Please make yourself familiar with the program (you can make a client profile for yourself or use Sheila to try out booking appointments). MassageBook has a great “Help” section where you can find out how to complete many tasks.

Redeeming Gift Cards

Cash Out Q's (For Commission Only)


Please ask your client to send e-transfers to DO NOT go through the software's check-out process. Sheila will do this when she is able to accept the transfer, and at that time will issue a receipt.


At the moment, Rooted Tree is not set up to accept debit.


Rooted Tree has a square reader which is plugged in to the iPad at the left of the computer. The password for the iPad is the same as the code for the alarm. Problem solving: this option will not work if the internet is down. If there is no connection, you might try unplugging and replugging the modem to the right of the computer and reconnecting the iPad in Settings.

if payment is unavailable

If payment is not available at the time, you may choose to request an e-transfer at the client's leisure. It is a helpful practice to give clients a call if you have not received their e-transfer in a week's time.

cash & cheques

Massage and other private services You may want a “till” with some change in it for your clients. To keep our info separate and more clearly rectify issues, Rooted Tree does not provide a till for Private Service Providers. Cash & cheques must be bundled for by the day and practitioner and labelled with: 1. Practitioner Name 2. Date 3. Clients names (who paid in cash/cheque) 4. Amount in cash/cheques for the day Binder clips are made available. You can also wrap in paper, or a cashout sheet ( Place Your Cash/Cheques collected into the cashbox (back of top drawer). Relock the box. Cash is regularly deposited and recorded. Yoga and other studio use: 1. Please use the blue plastic envelope (“Sheila's till”) in the top drawer of the filing cabinet to deposit cash, and make change. 2. Ensure that students are correctly recorded in the Gettimely system and that cash collected matches. ( > Reports > transaction summary for THAT DAY). 3. If there are any discrepancies please leave Sheila a note outlining the circumstance, or call her directly.


No Shows & Late Cancellations

Ultimately, any decision you make is your own. From a business standpoint, we are separate entities, and you are absolutely not required to run your business any way other than how you want to run it. The FAQ on Rooted Tree's website states: "For massage appointments made more than 24 hours in advance, we ask for at least 24 hours notice when cancelling, less you be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. For yoga classes, conditions apply. Many classes at Rooted Tree require a certain number of people committed in order to go forward. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend a certain day, you can let us know, and we can prorate the class for you. Please contact us for more details. If no notice is given at all, you may be subject to up to 100% of the appointment." Sheila (herein referred to in first-person) generally responds to no shows by: 1. Waiting five minutes after their appointment start time and give them a call. This is usually long enough that if they're just late, they show up while the phone is ringing. If they've forgotten and you're able to catch them on the phone, it's a short enough amount of time that they can hurry down and still enjoy most of their appointment. Email if no number is provided (I try to get their number in my correspondence with them). 2. a) If they answer and are able to make their appointment, or are able to come in at a suitable time that doesn't inconvenience me, I let the fee slide. b) If they do not answer, I leave a voicemail (or text) along the lines of: "Hello (no show's name), this is (my name) calling from Rooted Tree Massage and Yoga. We had an appointment at (Time) today, and it's currently (Time). I was hoping to connect to check if you were on your way, or if something came up. You can give me a call at (my number). Please let me know in any case when you get this message. Again, my number is (my number). I'm sticking around for (~10 more minutes) if you get this and are able to make it to your appointment." I generally don't mention a cancellation fee when I leave a message because I find people don't call back as often when I do. 3. If I cannot get ahold of them, I change their appointment in the system to a cancellation fee (click on the client > edit > edit > and where you would choose massage therapy treatment, choose "cancellation fee". treat the rest as normal). Sometimes this is enough for them to call in. If they attempt to rebook, I inform them that they will be required to pay for their cancellation fee. Problem solving and FAQ It's important to mark the difference between late cancellations and no-shows. Depending on their reasons, I might be more forgiving, like when someone calls in the morning before their appointment and say that they are ill, and won't be able to make their appointment. No-shows are particularly disturbing, since they actively waste practitioner time.

Massagebook sends out confirmation at the time the appointment is booked, and sends email and text reminders to clients 24 hours before their appointment. In the end, even though we provide reminders and confirmations, it's the client's responsibility to make their appointment, find out where you're located and how to get there, and to make you aware if their plans need to change.

Blocking Clients

You can stop someone from booking online by: Navigate to your Business tab. Select Clients. Search for the client and click on their name to open up their client record. Select the checkbox next to Flag client. Select Add to SFS. Please let me know if you go this route. Remember, they're not my client, they're yours. You get to decide how you handle this. If you feel more comfortable adhering to Rooted Tree's cancellation policy, feel free.

I also really encourage my clients to send someone in their stead if they know they'll miss an appointment. I find it's a really helpful way of avoiding empty spaces if a client is stuck in a surprise meeting, or came down with a cold.

When issues in the studio arise

If something comes up that effects the space and/or Sheila, she will ask, and listen to: What happened/is happening? How do you feel about it? Is there a solution for the current situation? How can we move forward, what's to be learned here? In Sheila's opinion, communication is the most helpful thing in situations the are awkward, even if that communication is awkward. Issues don't need to be dwelled on, but they do need to be addressed. We're all human, and hopefully Rooted Tree gives us the opportunity to not only do the work we are passionate about, but be seen as humans - to forgive, and be forgiven when there are bumps in the road. The more we are able to communicate our needs and be open to learning, the more awesome this space can be for everyone. :)


Sheila is always looking to improve and make the space more enjoyable for all. If you notice anything, or have any suggestions, feel free to let her know!

Awesome tips

Does something stink?

The yoga mat cleaner spray is a fairly effective deodorizer. Vinegar absorbs scents from the air. If the bathrooms are stinky, etc, this is a great way of handling it.