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Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Our community's health, safety, and well-being is our top priority.

As such, our standard cleaning procedures include:

• Daily disinfecting of any equipment and props used during the day.

• Regular disinfecting of door handles, surfaces, computer keyboards, and screens.

We will also be reducing our maximum class size to 10 participants during this time.

To help us prevent the spread of any illness, we're asking you for the following:

If you are not feeling well please stay home and rest, so we can see you back in the studio soon! (Please see below for a checklist of other scenarios where you would be asked to stay home).

During this time we will be waiving our customary fees for late cancellations and rescheduling.

• Please wash your hands regularly. We have five sinks in our little studio, including a designated hand wash station you are welcome to use. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and use the towel to turn off the tap.

• Communicate — if you're concerned or have questions, please let us know!


• If possible, bring your own props to class.

• Please take a moment to thoroughly wipe down any equipment and props you have used, and do not re-shelf used props like blankets and blocks. Leave those out for our staff to clean.

We are reducing our class sizes to a maximum of 10 participants at this time. We are encouraging as much space as possible between participants, as well as "air fives" instead of high fives.

Thank you for joining us in these actions to help keep everyone healthy!

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