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You don't have to pick a style when you book! Choose "Registered Massage Therapy", and the length of time and your practitioner will use the techniques they believe best. The exception is Hot Stone and Shiatsu as they require a different set - up.

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During a time when so much is changing within the body, massage can help integrate, relieve tension and pain, and relax mum safely and comfortably.

Treatments are performed in a side-lying position with the aid of many pillows and props for comfort.

Deep tissue

Muscles and fascia are deeply kneaded to improve posture and provide focused, lasting work clients can feel afterwards. This firm, intense massage will leave you satisfied and invigorated.

Lyndi's Specialties



Reiki is a Japanese term meaning ‘universal lifeforce energy’. In a Reiki session, the practitioner is working to balance the energy centers within the patient’s body. Through a series of hand positions, either directly on, or a few inches above, the Reiki practitioner channels life force energy through their hands to the patient. The patient’s body draws off the amount of energy they require for their unique healing and balancing process. Reiki provides an intentional, direct deliverance of the accessible life force energy that surrounds us and is available to us all the time!


Sheila's Specialties


Smooth stones are heated and lubricated with oil or essential oils. The therapeutic effects of heat are used to relax muscles more deeply. Used as an extension of the therapist's hands, the stones induce deep relaxation and provide a unique experience many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

Pilates Stretches


with Lyndi & Shelby

Myofascial Cupping – Myofascial cupping is a cupping technique used to create negative pressure, above the surface of the tissues, with the effect of lifting and separating fascial adhesions. Myofascial cupping increases range of motion, and is quite effective in aiding chronic mobility losses. A kin to cupping used in Traditional Chinese Medicine myofascial cupping increases blood flow to stagnant regions of the body, and aids in the movement of toxins from the body. However, myofascial cupping is usually focused on the skeletal systems fascial adhesion patterns more so than the meridians. Myofascial cupping can have profound impacts on one’s soft tissue structure, fascial freedom and mobility.


Massage for your Group Event

Help your workers (or a group of friends!) relax by having one of our RMT's come to your office and offering 15-20 minute mini massages in our chair (pictured).


At $125/hour, and 5 minutes buffer between massage guests, this is a simple and robust way to improve well-being and morale.

Special events

Chair massage is also available on location at Rooted Tree, and our spacious yoga studio is available for your private events. Private group yoga classes are also available.

Contact us for more details.




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