Please note that Iantha is away for the Winter 2020 semester at UBC! She will return in the summer to offer these services.

Meet iantha and learn about hypnotherapy!

Iantha's Youtube channel provides an introduction to meditation and hypnosis, and several sessions you can do at home.

Because access to mental health services is so important, these videos are available for free.

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Iantha combines her meditation experience to her hypnotherapy sessions to empower her clients in a variety of goals, including but not limited to those below. With so many uses for meditation and hypnotherapy, this is a small taste, and we encourage you to contact us to chat about your individual goals. Whether you choose to begin with meditation or jump straight into Hypnosis is up to you. Hypnotherapy guides you into a trance-like state of heightened focus and concentration. One usually feels calm and relaxed, and while one is more open to suggestion during hypnosis, the client is always in control.

Hypnotherapy Options

$90 for 90 minutes

Yoga Class


The consultation is to gather information, introduce the client to meditation or hypnosis, and develop a plan to help the client reach their goal. Much of the Consultation is spent talking, with a short meditation or hypnosis session. This short session helps the client gain familiarity with the process, experience, and effects. (For anyone who does not have a specific goal in mind, the Relaxation and Empowerment session is a good alternative first session.)

Meditation Class

Relaxation & Empowerment

In this session, a client enjoys a simple module to release tension and stress, as well as boost mood and increase self-love. This session helps the client gain familiarity with the process, experience, and effects of meditation or hypnosis. This session is a great first step for newcomers who do not have a specific goal they wish to achieve, or for anyone who would just like an emotional boost. (Does not require a Consultation)

Pilates Stretches

Recovery from Crisis or Trauma

Sessions dealing with recovery from crisis or trauma are specifically tailored to each client. A recovery session may be for anything from a minor to a major accident, and from a recent to distant time frame. Memories are never ‘removed’ and traumatic situations may be revisited but never ‘re-lived’. Information given during the Consultation will guide the exact layout of the session. (Requires a Consultation.)

Pilates Stretches

Relief from Anxiety and/or Depression

While meditation and hypnosis can help relieve anxiety and depression in general, this session provides more targeted techniques to help the client gain a sense of power and calmness in everyday life. Information gathered during the Consultation will determine whether Anxiety or Depression is the primary challenge, but since Anxiety and Depression so often occur hand-in-hand both may be addressed equally in a single session. (Requires a Consultation.)


$80 for 60 minutes

$60 for $60 minutes

$80 for 60 minutes

Pilates Stretches

Weight loss or gain

This session deals with the ability of the mind to help the body with weight control. Many people understand they have the physical ability to lose or gain weight to become healthier, but getting there seems to be the trouble. That’s because the mind needs to work WITH the body to attain lasting success. Because weight and fitness patterns can fluctuate frequently, regular sessions (once a week, once a month, once every 3 months, etc.) are recommended. (Requires a Consultation.)

$60 for 60 minutes

Pilates Stretches

New Year's Resolution

$60 for 60 minutes

This is a session tailored to help the client maintain their progress toward their goals for the new year. Things like motivation and focus can start to wane after the excitement of the holiday has passed. (Does not require a Consultation.)


Smoking Cessation

$120 for 90minutes

Quitting smoking is one of the most common goals seen in hypnotherapy. In a single hour and a half session, a person can start their life again as a non-smoker. It is important for the client to be ready and eager to quit, which is why a Consultation is required before the Smoking Cessation session. (Requires a Consultation.)

Pilates Stretches
Pilates Stretches

Past-life Regression

Whether a client is seeking spiritual insight or an experiment in subconscious exploration, Past Life Regression is a fascinating and rewarding experience. The connections between these regressions and current life can help people navigate trauma, find purpose, and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Clients are not obligated to describe their experiences, but time is given at the close of the session if they feel the desire to share. (Does not require a Consultation.)

$100 for 90 minutes

One client on hypnotherapy:

"I had a session last Tuesday and found it very similar to something I'd experienced before...guided meditation. Iantha

 does teach meditation as well, and it was spectacular to have someone custom-build a session for me.

I did a consultation because I didn't really know what I wanted (or what I was getting into), and so we had a chance to chat and touch on some of the things going on at the time. This talk helped us both tune into some of the themes in what I was saying, and the hypnotherapy afterwards incorporated these elements in a safe and profoundly empowering way.

I was surprised to learn that some hypnotherapy treatments like smoking cessation are often just one session. But for me, hypnotherapy contained elements that I crave from other forms of therapy and self-healing, and I think will strengthen my ability to connect with those elements in, say, my own meditation and yoga practice. I'm definitely going to explore this more.

I would highly, highly, recommend that you give it a try!"