Initial Herbal Consultation

Chartered Herbalist will assess the patient’s unique condition and develop an herbal treatment formula and protocol. Herbal formulas, tailored for the patients needs, will be developed within one week of the initial herbal consultation. The cost
for the specifically developed herbal formula will depend on the price of sourcing the herbs that are called for in each situation. The Chartered Herbalist will recommend a timeline for a follow up appointment to reassess patient condition and alter or ease herbal treatment as needed, if needed.

$105/1 hour with Lyndi Proudfoot

Herbal Consultation Follow Up

This appointment is to be booked by individuals who have already had an Initial Herbal Consultation. Follow up appointments will be recommended by the Chartered Herbalist, dependent on the patient’s individual situation. Theses appointments allow the herbalist to assess changes in the patient’s condition to be able to alter or ease herbal treatment as needed.

$60/45 minutes with Lyndi Proudfoot



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