We love yoga, and we love sharing it with you. Now it's a matter of keeping our community safe!

All our classes are now offered virtually: live group yoga classes you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Sign up for a class as usual, pay, and we'll send you a link to the event on Zoom! You will need to download Zoom, at no cost to you.

We now offer virtual, yoga, massage, and self-care services online. And we are in the process of making more services available! Head to our booking site (different from our yoga sign up site below), to check 'em out.

Finally, why not do yoga with your friends, even if you can't be in the same room? Contact us to organize a private virtual group session! Or if you have any questions.



until pandemic concerns have subsided.

Yin Yoga & Foam Rolling CANCELED until further notice.

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If you know you'll miss some dates, contact us to remove those classes from your invoice, so you're only paying for what you can attend!

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Class descriptions

Classes with Drop-In available

A hatha yoga class that focuses on alignment and how to approach each pose in order to ensure balance, safety and focus. Poses are built from the ground up, and you are invited to listen to your body, move with intention and find the pose in order to discover more about how your body moves. Combining breath with deliberate movement to achieve flexibility and strength. Classes run for an hour and half with mindful breathing to begin, and guided visualization to end.

Saturdays 10-11:30 am Drop in $18

Register for March 21st - April 18th 5 classes (running over and including Easter long weekend) $75

Hatha Yoga with Mauretia

Sound, mudra, and meditation uplift the spirit, and accessible, rhythmic movements help you build physical vitality and unlock latent potential. Kundalini can help you create new habits, break through blocks, and connect you to your power. This is a deeply balancing practice, as the different rhythmic motions "pumping" your body's glands and organs (and muscles!), having a positive effect on mood, energy, lymph drainage and hormonal regularity.


Try immersing yourself for 7 days (info below) before settling into this weekly routine. Support for a small (and transformative!) daily home practice will also be provided.

Tuesdays March 24th - May 26th @7-7:45/8am (optional 15 min meditation)

Early Bird Registration $120/10 classes, Drop in $15

Kundalini Yoga with Sheila

download (1).jpeg

A slow flow holding poses a little longer to get the most out of each one. Great for anyone who wants to take a slower, more gentle approach, while still gaining all the benefits of a yoga practice.

This class is meant to wake your body, reduce stress, and focus your energy and mind. Join us for a 45 minute practice to start your day on the right foot!

Starts March 26th - May 22nd 9 classes/$90

Thursdays @ 7:15-8:00am $15 drop-in

Spring Morning Stretch with Candace

EN: Yin Yoga allows you to let go of tensions in the body and nervous system. Focus on the ultimate calm by relaxing the muscles, sciatic nerves & ligaments. Stretch to untangle the body. Each session is between seven and ten poses, held on the floor. Level: very little cardio, effort in relaxation, slow rhythm.


FR: Le Yin Yoga Il permet un grand relâchement des tensions du corps et du système nerveux. Passant par l’assouplissement des muscles, du nerf sciatique et des ligaments; il favorise une détente optimale. Entre 7 et 10 postures soutenues au sol sont proposées à chacun des cours. Niveau d’implication : cardio peu sollicité, effort dans la détente, rythme très lent.

Mondays @ 7:30-8:30pm drop in $15

Yin Yoga Restorative with Stéphanie

~ Join a gentle flow ~ Tune in and feel all the opportunities for growth, balance, and ease... Designed to get everyone moving and breathing easy, with special consideration for those who are stiff, inflexible, and new to yoga. This is a fluid hatha flow with influences from tai chi, and restorative yoga. It's not about looking any certain way in the yoga poses, but figuring out what feels good and watching your comfort zone expand! *PST* Want to try yoga but not comfortable in a class? Sheila offers private yoga sessions as well, to help you get the most out of this wonderful practice. Contact her today! (867) 334-8599

Sundays 12:30-1:30pm Drop in $15

Gentle Yoga with Sheila


"Hatha" is about bringing balance and stability into the energy centers of our body.


"Vinyasa" means "to connect".


In this class, we combine postures with breath and movement, flowing through poses that are both energizing and calming; heating and cooling. Moving in a way that will help the body, mind and soul come together as one.


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of yoga poses will help you get the most out of this class.

Fridays @ 7:15-8:15pm $15 drop-in

Hatha Vinyasa with Shelby

Upcoming Workshops

Image by Saffu

Join us this Earth Day to start your day off right with a slow and steady grounding flow. Set a ‘Sankalpa’ (an intention formed by heart and mind) and practice a short Earthy meditation.

This practice is suitable for everyone and anyone looking for some relief from the stress and busyness of this time of year, and interested in journeying through the elements: expressing gratitude to this Earth.

Enjoy a steady pace with many strong holds using our legs as we ground to the Earth.

Wednesday April 22nd @ 7-8am $12 when you prepay, $15 at the door.

Earth Day Celebration with Candance




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