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traditional chinese medicine


$110 |  75 minutes  |  Initial acupuncture session + intake

$90   |  60 minutes  |  Subsequent acupuncture session
$50   |  30 minutes  |  Acupuncture ‘tune up’ 


Acupuncture is key pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving the insertion of fine needles into specific sites on the surface of the skin, encouraging the body to heal itself. It is a safe and effective non-drug option for the treatment of many conditions.

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With acupuncture, the mind and body are treated simultaneously. If your condition would benefit from myofascial cupping, moxibustion, or nutritional guidance, expect to have these modalities offered during your sessions. 


Please note: Not everyone is a good candidate for acupuncture. If you have a bleeding disorder or are taking blood thinners, there are increased chances of bruising around the needle site. 

facial Acupunture

$165  |  90 minutes  |  Initial facial acupuncture session + intake

$135  |  75 minutes  |  Subsequent facial acupuncture session

$975  |  Full 8-week treatment series


Facial acupuncture is a holistic anti-aging method that works to elevate the health and function of your skin to bring forward natural radiance. The treatment involves inserting super-fine needles into the face as well as synergistic points on the body to target any imbalances that may be contributing to dermatological and aging concerns. This increases nutrient supply for the skin while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers, minimizing wrinkles and reducing signs of stress. Along with visible benefits to the skin, you can expect some side-benefits: for example, release of tension in the jaw, neck, or shoulders. If the condition of your skin would benefit from guā shā jade stone massage, facial cupping, or healing botanicals + plant oils, expect to have these modalities offered during your sessions. To see the most optimal results, a series of 8 weekly treatments is recommended, although you will start to feel the benefits of treatment within 15 minutes into your first session. 


Please note: Most skin types can benefit from facial acupuncture. However, it is not recommended for anyone with inflamed skin, ie. those with active acne breakout, rosacea, eczema, or herpes. Instead, a classic acupuncture treatment or nutritional consult to treat the root of your imbalance is recommended. Facial acupuncture is not advisable for those with high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, recent migraine headache occurrence, or during pregnancy. ​


Jade stone holistic facial


$125 |  75 minutes |  Jade stone holistic facial

The guā shā holistic facial involves crystal and jade tools being gently pulled over the curves of the face and neck to brighten and refine the skin. A revered beauty secret of women from ancient Chinese dynasties, guā shā can give a more lifted and sculpted quality to features to truly transform the way you look and feel.


Therapeutically, it is effective in firming facial muscles, creating a hydrated plumpness, and smoothing settled-in muscle folds. If you experience breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, furrowed brow, or dark under-eye circles, this treatment is an effective tool in supporting skin’s recovery.


The guā shā technique works in tandem with gentle facial cupping, healing botanicals and plant oils to infuse nutrients into your skin and bring deep restoration to the entire body. Facial reflexology tools stimulate acupressure points to relax the nervous system. Along with the visible benefits of treatment, proper home care tips based on shí liáo nutrition will give you lasting improvements and beautiful skin. Please note: Complexion-wise, most skin types can benefit from the holistic facial. However, it is not recommended for anyone with inflamed skin, ie. those with active acne breakout, psoriasis, eczema, or herpes affecting your face. We would instead suggest a classic acupuncture treatment or nutritional consult to get personalized instructions for how to treat the root of your imbalance. After your skin stabilizes you will get more out of topical facial work.​

Traditional Healing Whitehorse

myofascial fire cupping

$90  |  60 minutes  |  Initial cupping session + intake

$75  |  45 minutes  |  Subsequent cupping sessions


Chinese ‘Fire’ or myofascial cupping is a bodywork therapy using glass or plastic cups to create a suction effect on the skin for the purpose of invigorating stagnations in muscle tissue, organs, skin and fascia. It works to draw out stagnant cellular debris, lymph fluids and toxins from the deeper tissues up to the surface, allowing for easier release from the body to improve overall health. Cupping therapy commonly targets the paraspinal muscles along the spine in order to alleviate muscle tension, swellings, or arthritic pains while creating a calming effect on the nervous system. Although generally used together with acupuncture, cupping can be just as dynamic on it’s own if you prefer a ‘needle-less’ treatment.​


Gua Sha massage

$50  |  30 minutes  |  Neck and shoulder tension release

$90  |  60 minutes  |  Initial session + intake

$75  |  45 minutes  |  Subsequent sessions

gua sha is a method of massage using crystal or ceramic tools to re-direct energy flow. The traditional method is performed on the body, with vigorous, brisk strokes being applied using a porcelain spoon in order to detoxify and restore healthy blood flow. It helps break up fascia - the connective tissue that can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation, and decrease inflammation - the usual culprit behind pain. With results similar to cupping, it is a highly effective treatment for chronic pain conditions, muscle tension, stress, fatigue, and cold/flu symptoms. It can also be used on the base of the neck for migraines, or along the jawline to relieve TMJ tension, among other ailments.​

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Moxibustion therapy

$75  |  60 minutes  |  Breech baby appointments


Moxibustion therapy or ‘moxa’ is a therapeutic application of indirect heat supplied by burning the herb mugwort over a single or group of acupuncture points. The smouldering herb is held close to the skin surface to give off a gentle yet penetrating heat. Moxibustion is useful in the treatment of conditions that would benefit from warmth and increased circulation, such as arthritis, cold hands, feet, or lower back, menstrual irregularities, infertility, long-standing injuries, lowered immunity, and is a safe and gentle way to turn babies in breech position. Like acupuncture, moxa’s effects are cumulative, and the more frequently you can engage in it, the longer lasting the effects of moxa will be felt. The suitability of this therapy for your condition will be determined by your practitioner at the initial acupuncture visit. Please note for breech presentation: Treatments for breech babies using moxibustion includes postures/exercises to help create space in the pelvis to give the baby the best possible chance of turning. You will leave the session with moxa to apply yourself at home (after demonstration) to provide further impetus for your baby to move towards optimal fetal position. Week 34 is considered the best time to start moxibustion treatment and you will need to be prepared to repeat the process at home for 10 days or until the baby turns. We are unable to use moxa for breech presentation if you have high blood pressure, bleeding, uterine abnormalities, or if you are having twins.​

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m

shi liao nutrition

$95  | 60 minutes   |  Initial nutritional consultation + intake  

$75  |  45 minutes  |  Subsequent sessions 


Shi liao is a branch of Chinese medicine that uses food as a both a preventative and curative medicine.  Like herbs, foods have their own unique medicinal properties which, used therapeutically, are incredibly effective at addressing a variety of health concerns. Through the lens of Chinese dietetics, we look at food energetics like flavour, colour, texture, temperature, season, preparation method, and the way in which it is consumed in order to gain awareness of how people should eat according to their particular constitution. During a session, we will apply TCM theories to create a customized plan that can be easily integrated into your life. The goal is to encourage mindfulness about how we eat and drink and provide you with tools that inherently emphasize trusting your own body over diets and health fads.​



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