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Classes with Drop-In available

hatha vinyasa.jpg

EN: This in-movement Hatha Vinyasa practice has a substantial impact on the body & its energy flow. Physically, you will notice that the natural flow of movement resembles dance. Vinyasa moulds the body with the energy, warmth, breathing & power it generates. Level: moderate to intense cardio, sustained & in-motion effort.


FR: Le Vinyasa, cette pratique du Hatha en mouvement a un impact substantiel sur le corps et la circulation de son énergie. Le flow naturel des séquences s’apparente à la danse. Le Vyniasa modèle le corps grâce à l’énergie, la chaleur, le souffle et la puissance générée. Niveau d’implication : cardio modéré à intense, effort soutenu en mouvement

Mondays at 6:15-7:15pm $15 Drop in

Hatha Vinyasa with Stéphanie


The essence of Yin is ”surrender”. Yin yoga is a gentle, quiet practice suitable for all levels. This yoga practice restores energy while at the same time, calms the nervous system. Yin yoga creates space and increases flexibility by inviting the deepest myofascial tissues, ligaments & tendons closest to the spine & around the joints to release gently and slowly. Foam rollers and/or balls will be used for self-massage & myofascial release. Prerequisites: Willingness to quiet the mind and just "BE."

Saturdays 10 - 11:30am $18 drop in
Early bird Registration March 14th - April 18th for 5 classes $75
(there will be a substitute teacher March 21st)

Yin Yoga & Foam Rolling with Muguette

~ Join a gentle flow ~ Tune in and feel all the opportunities for growth, balance, and ease... Designed to get everyone moving and breathing easy, with special consideration for those who are stiff, inflexible, and new to yoga. This is a fluid hatha flow with influences from tai chi, and restorative yoga. It's not about looking any certain way in the yoga poses, but figuring out what feels good and watching your comfort zone expand! *PST* Want to try yoga but not comfortable in a class? Sheila offers private yoga sessions as well, to help you get the most out of this wonderful practice. Contact her today! (867) 334-8599

Sundays 12:30-1:30pm Drop in $15

Early Bird Registration March 15th - May 24th $108/9 classes

Gentle Yoga with Sheila

EN: Yin Yoga allows you to let go of tensions in the body and nervous system. Focus on the ultimate calm by relaxing the muscles, sciatic nerves & ligaments. Stretch to untangle the body. Each session is between seven and ten poses, held on the floor. Level: very little cardio, effort in relaxation, slow rhythm.


FR: Le Yin Yoga Il permet un grand relâchement des tensions du corps et du système nerveux. Passant par l’assouplissement des muscles, du nerf sciatique et des ligaments; il favorise une détente optimale. Entre 7 et 10 postures soutenues au sol sont proposées à chacun des cours. Niveau d’implication : cardio peu sollicité, effort dans la détente, rythme très lent.

Mondays @ 7:30-8:30pm drop in $15

Early Bird Registration March 16th - May 25th 9 classes/$108

Yin Yoga Restorative with Stéphanie

A slow flow, working all the muscles involved in skiing and snowboarding. We'll practice strength, core, balance and stability, with some deep stretching, aimed at minimizing injuries on the hill and creating an overall sense of well-being while out there in the winter months.

Thursdays starting February @ 7:15 - 8:00am $12 drop in

Check out Spring Morning Stretch for the class continuing in this time frame below!

Yoga for Shredders with Candace


"Hatha" is about bringing balance and stability into the energy centers of our body.


"Vinyasa" means "to connect".


In this class, we combine postures with breath and movement, flowing through poses that are both energizing and calming; heating and cooling. Moving in a way that will help the body, mind and soul come together as one.


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of yoga poses will help you get the most out of this class.

Fridays @ 7:15-8:15pm $15 drop-in

Early Bird Registration March 13th - May 22nd 10 classes/$120

Hatha Vinyasa with Shelby

download (1).jpeg

A slow flow holding poses a little longer to get the most out of each one. Great for anyone who wants to take a slower, more gentle approach, while still gaining all the benefits of a yoga practice.

This class is meant to wake your body, reduce stress, and focus your energy and mind. Join us for a 45 minute practice to start your day on the right foot!

Starts March 26th - May 22nd 9 classes/$90

Thursdays @ 7:15-8:00am $15 drop-in

Spring Morning Stretch with Candace

Sound, mudra, and meditation uplift the spirit, and accessible, rhythmic movements help you build physical vitality and unlock latent potential. Kundalini can help you create new habits, break through blocks, and connect you to your power. This is a deeply balancing practice, as the different rhythmic motions "pumping" your body's glands and organs (and muscles!), having a positive effect on mood, energy, lymph drainage and hormonal regularity.


Try immersing yourself for 7 days (info below) before settling into this weekly routine. Support for a small (and transformative!) daily home practice will also be provided.

Tuesdays March 24th - May 26th @7-7:45/8am (optional 15 min meditation)

Early Bird Registration $120/10 classes, Drop in $15

Also check out our week-long immersion, below! Sign up for all Kundalini $175 (contact us for this option)

Kundalini Yoga with Sheila

Upcoming Workshops & Intensives

lunar flow.jpeg

A meditative, cooling lunar flow practice. We will move through Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) at a slower, more gentle pace. Taking place in the evening, these meditative poses are linked with breath help to form a deeper connection with the self. This sequence prepares the body, mind and soul for a restful nights sleep; stretching and strengthening all major muscle groups, aiding in flexibility, and balancing the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Suitable for anyone looking to have an inward moving, calming practice during the fullest part of the moon cycle.

with Candace: Sunday March 8th @  7:15- 8:30pm $10 when you prepay, $12 at the door

with Sheila: Wednesday April 8th @ 8:20-9:20pm

Full Moon Lunar Flow


A one hour glow in the dark yoga class under neon and black lights. We will be moving with breath through a hatha flow sequence that is open to everyone. This class will be light hearted and fun moving to upbeat energetic music while you build strength, endurance, flexibility and awareness in your body. Dress in white, neon or costume to glow brighter. Glow necklaces and bracelets are also encouraged. This class is for you if you want to: - build lower and upper body strength - Become more flexible - Eventually learn inversions and arm balances like crow, forearm and handstands - Become familiar with your body. Its restrictions, structure, strengths, weaknesses etc. - Build endurance and an attitude of mind over matter. - Practice yoga in a fun and supportive environment.

Saturday March 7th @7:30 - 8:30pm $12 when you prepay, $15 at the door

Glow Yoga with Rebekah


Sound, mudra (hand positioning to stimulate your brain), and meditation uplift the spirit, and accessible, rhythmic movements help you build physical vitality and unlock latent potential. Kundalini can help you create new habits, break through blocks, and connect you to your power. This is a deeply balancing practice, the different rhythmic motions "pumping" your body's glands and organs, having a positive effect on mood, energy, muscle tone, lymph drainage and hormonal regularity.


Immerse yourself for 7 days and balance each chakra (different aspect of your humanity, emotions and hormonal systems), before settling into a weekly routine.


An optional 40 day Sadhana (Literally: a means of accomplishing something), can be practiced daily in your own time, and can support you further to make a fundamental shift to your life. This will be outlined in class.

While Kundalini can be a very physical practice, the focus on breath and meditation in tandem with motion mean that participating  inthis practice is possible for any individual over 12 years old. One can still reap the benefits if they choose to move through the seated postures from a chair, or simply focus on the other aspects of the practice: breath,  mudra, meditation, and sound. The combination of these elements also make meditation more accessible for those who don't enjoy meditating in stillness or silence.

7-Day Immersion: Sun March 15th - Sat March 21 @ 7-8am $84

Weekly Classes start the week after: May 26th @7-7:45/8am (optional 15 minute meditation) $120/10 classes,

Sign up for all Kundalini $175 (contact us for this option)

Kundalini to Awaken Your Potential with Sheila

Image by Saffu

Join us this Earth Day to start your day off right with a slow and steady grounding flow. Set a ‘Sankalpa’ (an intention formed by heart and mind) and practice a short Earthy meditation.

This practice is suitable for everyone and anyone looking for some relief from the stress and busyness of this time of year, and interested in journeying through the elements: expressing gratitude to this Earth.

Enjoy a steady pace with many strong holds using our legs as we ground to the Earth.

Wednesday April 22nd @ 7-8am $12 when you prepay, $15 at the door.

Earth Day Celebration with Candance

Must Register: March 13 - May 26th


Develop the strength within and around acro poses, exploring your possibilities and building strength. This will be a multi-level class where the Acroyoga community can come together and collaborate, with more experienced students helping coach new recruits, and also be able to explore their own limits.
We'll consider Acroyoga as a yoga practice, moving with breath and grace as we learn to play and interact in a safe way.

This class is intended to develop community, encourage communication, skill, respect, and connection. Let's lift each other up!

3 week session: Tuesdays 7-8:30pm March 17th - 31 $45 (Registration now open)

4 week session: Same time, April 7th - 28th $60

Mr. Miyagi AcroYoga with Sheila

Pregnant women sitting on mats touching

Prenatal yoga can be a powerful tool for any expecting woman. This practice will offer relief for any areas of the body under stress during pregnancy and labour: focusing on everything from strength, to restorative yoga. Everything we do in prenatal will focus around the breath because that is our most important tool, helping you prepare physically and emotionally for this life changing experience.

Wednesdays @ 7 - 8pm March 18th - May 20th 10 classes/$120

Prenatal with Shelby


Cours montés sur sept séances d’introduction et trois d’exploration qui permettent d’expérimenter les différents types de yoga. Vous apprendrez: le contrôle du souffle (Pranayama), les positions de base en yoga (Asanas) ainsi que la salutation au soleil. Ce cours s'adresse aussi aux initiés car il permet d'approfondir les postures de bases. Niveau d’implication : cardio de base, effort soutenu facile, rythme lent.

Mondays @ 6:15-7:15pm March 16th - May 25th 9 classes/$108





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